Studio Jorrit van Rijt, based in Utrecht, has been my creative workspace since
January 2016. With over 9 years of (work)experience as a graphic designer,
it was time for me to spread my wings and go my own way.

I graduated from the AKV / St. Joost Den Bosch in the area of graphic design. In particular, my love of typography has grown over the years at the Academy. The experimental black & white CD artwork of the British band Underworld (designed by the London-based Tomato), the advanced type treatment of ­David Carson, the sleek ‘New Alphabet’ by Wim Crouwel; just some examples that opened my eyes and inspired me tremendously. I always try to make typography a major ‘carrier’ of my designs.

From 2006 - 2015 I was graphic designer at Oranje Vormgevers from Eindhoven (, where I worked for clients such as Philips Research, Philips Pensioenfonds, DSM Dyneema, Het Brabants Orkest, Performis BV, Holst Centre, Solliance, Architectuurcentrum Eindhoven, Uitgeverij Mo’Media, Kosmos Uitgevers and Uitgeverij Unieboek | Spectrum.

I have a strong preference for building a lasting working relationship based on mutual trust, where collaboration, but also fun in the process plays an important role. From that inspiring process our collaboration will produce the most beautiful and powerful results. I like to think with you about creative solutions and advise you where necessary, so quality is assured.

In a world where we are bombed by visual incentives, values ​​such as originality, creativity, functionality, but also aesthetics are very important to stand out among all the visual expressions. A well thought out concept is personal, customized and not interchangeable. The same goes for the visual appearance. In my opinion, personality is very important because of all the ‘visual proliferation’ that is around us these days.

What can Studio Jorrit van Rijt mean for you? I’m a versatile graphic designer. I work with great dedication and attention to detail on magazines, branding projects, book covers, books, brochures, flyers and posters. But also the design of websites and other digital communications are among the possibilities. Please feel free to contact me, so we can discuss the possibilities of working together.

I’m looking forward to our cooperation!

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